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Calista is creating her debut studio album - prepare to be indulged!

Pre-order "EMPRESS" now and become a part of the journey, only available via PledgeMusic.

'Project: Love Me'


This debut solo EP from Mz. Kazuko will take you on a journey filled with sophistication, man-eating and drama. 

Available on iTunes now!

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ABOUt calista

Calista Kazuko is an enigma wrapped in mystery with a loaded gun in her handbag…


Born into a bohemian family where music was the staple diet, Calista is the daughter of the late renowned violinist Paul Robertson. After studying piano at London's Royal Academy of Music, Calista has been performing and winning fans across the world with her dynamic voice and captivating song-writing.

Calista's explosive new EP, 'Project: Love Me', is the result of her recent collaboration with award winning film composer Guy Dagul. This highly anticipated debut is an epic, cinematic collection of songs which takes you on a journey filled with passion, sophistication, man-eating and drama.


β€˜An undoubted talent.’ ~ George Martin