‘Fiona Apple’ ~ Empress story by Calista Kazuko

Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple

I’ve probably spent more of my life listening to Fiona Apple than trying on shoes! As a fellow piano based singer/songwriter I draw many parallels with my own music and set Fiona Apple as the bar. For me, Mme Apple is the epitome of the perfect artist - unbelievably talented, ballsy, fully immersive and fully immersed. Her lyrical prose are inspired and I love the interesting way she uses the piano with so many other fun instruments. She experiments with all different genres and traditions interweaving, with every song telling its own story and taking you to a different world. Her music is everything you could ask for, one minute she’s sensitive and sweet, the next there’s a beat so banging you can’t help but flail those crazy arms and dance! She’s sexy, sultry and sophisticated, she’s funny, ironic and naughty, she’s primal, growling and raw. She takes you with her on a rollercoaster of emotions for one beautifully wild ride!

Born in America and a classically trained pianist, EMPRESS Apple began writing songs at just 8 years old! She received a Grammy for her killer track ‘Criminal’ off her debut album ‘Tidal’ and her follow up album ‘When the Pawn…’ was certified platinum - all by the age of 23! The unstoppable EMPRESS Apple went on to amaze us with years of beautiful, boundary pushing music and is still going strong with her most recent album ‘The Idler Wheel…’ being (imo) the best yet. I sit and listen to ‘Every Single Night’ on repeat. It’s so damn heartbreaking it’s like therapy.

As extraordinary a woman as she is an artist, EMPRESS Apple is a shining advocate for strong women everywhere, bravely sharing the horrific rape she suffered as a 12 year old and the subsequent PTSD, trust issues with men and her struggles with OCD, depression and self-harm. Battling these adversities and achieving the greatness she has blows me away, she really is my hero. EMPRESS Apple is also a fierce campaigner and isn’t afraid to get dirty for worthy causes. Her 2017 anti-Trump release ‘Tiny Hands’ for the Women’s March on Washington is absolute genius and makes me love her even more :) She is a vegan and is the inspiration of Marilyn Manson’s song ‘Apple of Sodomy’. Basically, EMPRESS Apple is the total babe Goddess of perfection in my eyes!

Fierce, fabulous, wondrous, genius, genre-transcending, groundbreaking, earth-shaking, the Goddess that is Fiona Apple ladies and gentleman! Rock on!

“This world is bullshit. And you shouldn’t model your life — wait a second — you shouldn’t model your life about what you think that we think is cool and what we’re wearing and what we’re saying and everything. Go with yourself.” Fiona Apple, MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist speech, 1997.

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